Our Story

the story behind Return Tracker

Whilst running a wholesale business a few years back our director became frustrated at the amount of returns he was getting and how long it took for his team to process them. The back-log was sometimes up to 6 weeks behind and sometimes his returns department would have boxes arrive with no paperwork at all which would sit in the warehouse for weeks until someone claimed them! This slow and disorganised returns process was frustrating his dealer network which was in turn destroying their customer service reputation.

After searching around for an elegant solution he discovered there was no off-the-shelf software he could use to solve the problem. In 2012 he then decided to develop the software himself. After 18 months of development the first version of Return Tracker was released and within 4 months his returns department was transformed. His staff had gone from being weeks behind on returns processing to having a completely clean and tidy returns department devoid of any boxes or returned product. Two of his returns & customer care staff were even assigned to other duties!

The system is designed to make the burden of dealing with returns a much simpler task, it eliminates unnecessary phone calls, emails, paperwork and spreadsheets and also allows for full reporting so you can see how products, suppliers or branches are performing at a click of a button. It also provides a unique customer service platform which will make your customers feel valued.

Since the growth of online sales and changes to the consumer rights act, businesses are spending an increasing amount of time dealing with returns. Unfortunately most accounting, inventory and sales management software focusses on sales and not organising returns and customer service which is vitally important for repeat business.

For 2017 Return Tracker has been put onto a completely new framework using the latest cloud based HTML 5 and PHP technology and it has evolved to become the ultimate returns management solution for wholesalers and multi-branch retail outlets.

If any of this story sounds familiar to you then Return Tracker will be your solution!